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Emergencies in 08753

08753 dentist
08753 dentist

Among the most frequent reasons that people seek our emergency care here at Myron Fishbein Family Dentistry is for a toothache. Your pain could be mild, moderate, or severe, but the process will be the same. Our 08753 dentist will need to take prompt action to diagnose the reason why you have the toothache and then alleviate the pain by providing the appropriate treatment.

Though not unheard of, it is rare when toothaches can be traced back to a jaw ailment or gum disease. Most often, the tooth’s protective layers have become compromised, leading to the nerve being exposed, or the pulp becoming damaged or infected. Dental plaque causes tooth decay, forming cavities, which then open a path for bacteria to get inside your tooth. This is a big reason why you should visit our 08753 dentist two times per year for a complete examination and teeth cleaning. Once the decay has occurred, though, your tooth is vulnerable. And an older filling can loosen and fall out, thereby renewing the danger. It is vital to have new cavities filled promptly, and for lost fillings to be replaced in a timely manner, too. Chips and cracks in your tooth also breach the barrier around it and leave the nerve and pulp prone. For those, our 08753 dentist takes impressions for a crown. A temporary one is placed in the meantime, so that the tooth will be protected. The above treatments need to be done as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more chance there is of an infection being sustained inside your tooth, which will then mean root canal therapy.

It is essential that you act with a sense of urgency when you have a toothache. Your body is alerting you to a problem that needs to be addressed. Call our office right away and we will have you seen as quickly as we can.

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