Toms River Teeth Cleaning

Toms River Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive Care in Toms River

If you’ve ever had a cavity or needed treatment for gum disease, you are well aware of the benefits of preventive care. Here at Myron Fishbein Family Dentistry, we recommend our Toms River teeth cleaning once every six months for optimal oral health.

Some people think that professional cleanings are not important if they brush and floss regularly. But the truth is that you need both at-home oral hygiene at well as a twice-yearly visit for our Toms River teeth cleaning. Your toothbrush and dental floss at home serve the purpose of handling the day-to-day workload. That means removal of sugar and that film-like dental plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, and any food remnants that get lodged between your teeth. How often is proper? The most effective strategy is to brush your teeth when you wake up, after meals, and then again before you go to sleep. Flossing is only required once per day. And if you could guarantee 100% that all of the plaque was eliminated each time, there would be no need for any further preventive action. However, the reality is that plaque is stubborn and sticky. It clings between teeth and it hides in gum pockets. There is turns to hardened tartar, for which there is no efficient method of care you can apply to get rid of it. Doing so means our Toms River teeth cleaning. Two of them per year, at the same time that you get your complete oral examination from our dentist, is typically sufficient to significantly reduce the odds of developing cavities and gum disease. And as an added bonus, and a crucial one, cleanings reverse the effects of early stage gum disease.

Contact our office to book your next appointment. Make preventive care a high priority, and you’ll be rewarded with a higher level of dental well-being.

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